Property rules

Dear guest, we kindly ask you to follow these rules to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

  1. All guests should feel comfortable at TAELA Apartments.
    We ask you to observe the following rules to ensure a peaceful, comfortable, and respectful stay for you, your friends, and your neighbors.
  2. Check the inventory of the apartment and immediately report any missing items to the management.
  3. If something does not meet your expectations, do not hesitate to report the issue.
    We will do our best to ensure you have a pleasant stay.
  4. The entrance door is always locked. Your apartment key also opens the entrance door, the laundry room, and the ski storage. Remember to always lock your apartment door.
    Avoid leaving the entrance door open until all your friends have entered or exited.
  5. Do not walk around the house with ski boots. Store skis, ski boots, and shoes in the designated room. Use this room also for cleaning your shoes.
  6. Inside the house, you should maintain a quiet atmosphere. Usually, many guests take a nap between 1 PM and 3 PM.
    Keep this in mind also after 10 PM, when many people who need rest like you are already sleeping.
  7. Smoking inside the apartment is strictly prohibited. There have been incidents close to catastrophe!
  8. It is strictly forbidden to move dishes, cutlery, and furniture from one apartment to another.
  9. Do not leave the car idling. This behavior is not environmentally friendly and harms the environment.
  10. If you are accompanied by your four-legged friend, to ensure peaceful coexistence with other guests and for hygiene reasons, please follow this regulation carefully.
  11. Ventilation is essential not only in summer but also during cold periods! Open the windows in the morning and air out all the rooms. This helps eliminate humidity and prevent mold formation, allowing you to breathe fresh air.
  12. The containers for waste separation are located under the stairs, to the left of the entrance on the ground floor.
    We kindly ask you to separate the waste correctly for ecological reasons, demonstrating civility and sensitivity towards the environment.
  13. The cost of the final cleaning includes the general cleaning of the apartment left in order.
    Extraordinary cleaning required due to disorder will be charged separately.
  14. If a small mishap occurs and you break a glass, a plate, or a water jug, please report it to the management. The replacement cost is minimal and shows that you are a civilized and honest person.
  15. When you go on a longer trip than usual and/or plan to stay overnight in a refuge, please inform the management of your route and return plan.
  16. Please settle the bill for your stay the day before departure by 8 PM. The apartment must be vacated by 9 AM on the day of departure. Before leaving, check that the refrigerator is turned off and that the keys are hanging on the inside door.

Thank you for your cooperation

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